HP G62-B27SA Laptop – Treat Yourself for Christmas

23 December 2011

One of the laptops that was reviewed before was about the HP ProBook which is a great device by the company. The HP G62-B27SA is another great laptop by HP and it currently ranks in number 25 in Amazon’s most sought after laptops. With this being said and done, it is a testimony of how well the HP G62-B27SA works amongst its users.

The finishing of the laptop is simple and comes with a fingerprint-proof design which simply means that the user need not worry about smudges caused by the fingerprint when they buy this laptop. With its 15.6-inch LED display which utilizes HP BrightView technology, expect good quality images when using the HP G62-B27SA laptop.

Unlike most laptops which has an Intel based processor inside it, the HP G62-B27SA comes with the AMD Athlon II P340 dual-core processor which runs at a speed of 2.2GHz and it also has a 3GB memory on board. However, we do recommend an upgrade to at least 4GB to ensure smoothness while running this laptop.

In addition to that, it also comes with a 500GB hard drive which is more than sufficient for it to keep all the necessary files and folders no matter how big they might be. With an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4250 dedicated graphics card on board, expect the laptop to run a lot of software with ease. The laptop also comes with Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit edition as default and this would suffice for a lot of end-users. There are also a lot of software that are pre-installed such as Cyberlink DVD Suite, Microsoft Office Starter Edition and a lot more. Some of these can be quite handy while others could be uninstalled if it is not needed. A manual instruction and HP G62 charger are also included in the box.

The DVD drive of the HP G62-B27SA also comes with LightScribe technology which means that users can label LightScribe DVD easily without a need of an external hardware. Battery life on the unit isn’t much so expect as high as only 3 hours with minimal usage or 2 hours on standard usage.

This laptop is highly recommended for those wanting one that would accomplish simple tasks such as word processing, video playback and a few others. The laptop will be able to run applications such as Sony Vegas Pro or Photoshop but it wouldn’t be a very comfortable experience as compared with laptops having higher specifications than the HP G62-B27SA but nevertheless, it is worth the purchase especially if someone is looking for a budget laptop.

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