HP Probook 4530S – Cheap Business Laptop With Stylish Metallic Finish

30 December 2011

HP laptops are one of the most sought after in the UK due to its reliability and the HP 4530S is a testimony of that. With this laptop being available under £350, it can be considered a good computer at a budget price. The HP 4530S falls under the ProBook series which is the new HP cool-looking business range.

The HP 4530S looks great with its metallic finish and the HP logo makes it look quite elegant in the process as well. With a 15.6-inch screen, it is great for those who are doing a lot of simple editing or those that like to have a great multimedia laptop. It also comes with a complete set of keyboard along with the numpad button but with its big size, the laptop may lose portability such as those found in 13 or 14 inch laptops.

This 15.6-inch laptop comes with an Intel Core I3 processor clocked at a speed of 2.13GHz and a default RAM of 2GB although it is highly recommended to add another 2GB due to its relatively inexpensive price. Hard disk on the HP 4530S isn’t that much either at 250GB as there are a lot more laptops which offer sizes of 320GB or even 500GB as a standard.

When talking about the graphic card, the 4530S doesn’t come with a dedicated graphic card but rather the Intel HD 3000 graphic card which is an integrated card. This means that the laptop may not be up to the task of doing some heavy graphic editing but should the user would want to use it for simple Photoshop editing with the usage of only a handful of layers, then the laptop will still be able to handle these tasks. Anything more than that and the user may need to get a better upgrade to the HP 4530S. As far as battery life is concerned, the battery for HP 4530S can run for 3 hours only which isn’t much. This may be due to its size and screen.

At the price of £339, it isn’t too expensive and can be considered as affordable to most people in the UK. This laptop is great for students who don’t do tasks that consume high resources or for consumers that wants a laptop which can give them the amount of entertainment they need. With its big 15.6-inch, it is great to watch movie on as well.

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