USB Stuff – When Work Meets Play

27 December 2011

USB ports are super useful for work – you can keep external hard drives plugged in to your laptop, transport work on flash disks, and even connect a mouse if you don’t like the feel of your laptop own touchpad. This is great, but all work and no play makes Jack (in this case, you) a dull, bored, and unproductive boy. The office can be a boring place, and tedium is bound to get you down, but with these cool USB accessories, all of those extra laptop ports can be used to keep morale high. So check out the 5 coolest USB accessories available online right now – perfect for your laptop, home, or office.

USB Missile Launcher

usb missleWork is a place where frustrations run high. How many times have you wanted to just vent and let loose a spray of missiles? Well with this awesome USB Missile Launcher, you can, without the threat of injury or law suits. The launcher shoots soft missiles as far as ten feet at quite an impressive rate. The sound effects are also a cool idea. Prepare to launch war on the accounting department, or use it to get the attention of that cute girl from marketing.


USB Pole Dancer

If you are more into love (or rather lust) than war, then this cute USB-powered accessory is more in your direction. The pole dancer plugs directly into your USB ports, and all you have to do to get her shaking her tail feathers is to type. Once you get working, she starts wiggling, the music plays and the lights highlight her, um, assets. A cute gift idea for a boss with a fetish, and always good for a laugh.

usb pole dancer

USB Vacuum Cleaner

Cleanliness is next to godliness, and with this adorable old school vacuum, you will be able to keep your workstation and actual laptop clean at all times. Just plug it in and get cleaning. This is a really novel accessory.

usb hoover

USB Plasma Ball

A retro classic that is bound to cause a stir wherever you go. Plasma balls have always been pretty cool, and now you can carry the cool around with you. The USB Plasma balls are also good for distracting youngsters while you work. Another must have!

usb plasma ball

Darth Vader USB Hub

usb darth

Sometimes there are just not enough ports on your laptop for you to sync up properly with your friends. With this awesome port, that is a problem of the port. If you can stop yourself from doing Darth Vader impressions the whole time, you will realize that this is quite a useful piece of gadgetry. Just don’t get tricked into thinking that he’s your father!

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