Belkin Laptop Cooling Pad – A Response to Misery Caused By Overheated Laptops

11 January 2012

Laptops are not designed to work continuously for long hours and therefore tend to heat up rather quickly which forces the user to shut it down for a while. The most prominent boon that the PC has over notebooks is that it can be used for long hours, thanks to the cooling system present inside the CPU cabinet.

Belkin gives us the Laptop Cooling Stand which is specially designed to reduce the heat emitted from the laptop. It uses a USB powered fan in the middle of the surface which is made of plastic. The stand is propped up at an angle with the help of two grey bumpers present at either side. The lower arched center dissipates the heat from the laptop and sends it out in all directions.  This also ensures that there is minimal wrist discomfort while working and also it gives better viewing angles to the laptop.

Why Should I Go in for the Cooling Pad?

At only 1.3lbs it is easy to carry around in your back pack and you won’t feel too much pressure while placing it on your lap. It looks very neat on the outside and the USB cord tucks neatly away into a little compartment. One of the best things about this Cooling Stand is that it is USB powered. There are no extra adapters or wires running around the place. You don’t need to worry about any batteries either. The cooling lounge does not extract much power from your laptop too. Belkin has got all its bases covered on this front.


Most of us like to use our laptops in our bed, couch and rather uncommon places and the laptop cooling pad does not feel uncomfortable on our laps. Its pop-up legs enable you to use this on a desk as well. So there’s no need to worry about those long gaming sessions or movie marathons!

The Minor Banes 

USB power means that you must sacrifice one of your laptop’s USB ports but that shouldn’t be an issue when you get lower amount of heat from your laptop in exchange. There have been complaints about the noise being a little too loud but you can live with that – there’s really no perfect product, is there?

The Final Word

It is really annoying when you’re in the middle of a task and you are forced to shut down because you don’t want to overheat it. Belkin has provided a product that should solve this problem for all kind of users without burning a hole in anyone’s pocket. Priced at about £20, it is not going to be a huge investment, considering the fact that you are giving your laptop more lifetime and giving yourself more work time. This will widely be used by gamers and movie buffs as the long sessions are not easy to take a break from.

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