Logitech Mini Boom Box – A Massive ‘Boom’ to your Ears

27 January 2012

It is indeed a herculean task to find decent portable speakers at an affordable price which delivers superior sound quality. However, Logitech seems to have the right combination in its Mini Boom Box. The Mini Boom Box is a small portable Bluetooth speaker which is designed to augment the sound of your laptop or tablet.

Never judge stuff by its size is a true fact when it comes to the Logitech Mini Boom Box. Measuring 2.3 by 2.8 by 4.6-inches, it lies on the smaller side but doesn’t compromise on the quality of sound it delivers. Logitech Mini Boom Box is very easy and handy to carry around in a laptop bag and doesn’t bring you down with its weight.


The speaker looks very tidy with the grille making up the entire front while the controls are placed on the top of the speaker which is scratch prone and a fingerprint magnet. The On/Off switch is located on the back and there is a MiniUSB port for charging. A 3.5mm auxiliary input is also provided, just in case if you want to connect your non-Bluetooth devices and experience an awesome sound experience.

 Incredible Music Quality – Promise of the Boom Box? Not Really?

It is very easy to install the speaker to connect to your phone or tablet. Just hold the Pair/Phone button after enabling Bluetooth on your phone. It takes just 2 or 3 seconds for the phone to pair. After the devices are paired, you can easily increase the volume from either the speaker or your phone.

 The Mini Boom Box is definitely not the best portable speaker out there and it definitely not the worst. You will be surprised by the amount of sound that this little guy can produce. The sound quality is decent at moderate levels and listening to slow music is really a pleasure.

When the volume is turned up, the speaker starts to vibrate. It cannot handle high bass and the sound coming out of the speaker will be very crunchy. However it does what is required, play music at a higher volume than your internal speakers.

 You cannot compare this to its “Big Brothers” because Logitech Mini Boom Box comes at a very affordable price and the sound quality is as good as it gets for speakers at this price range.

 Phone Calls and Battery Life

Other than providing quality sound Mini Boom Box has a built in mic to attend calls. It is not a very comfortable experience though; you’d rather use the phone’s internal speaker or use it the traditional way. It is one of the added features of this Bluetooth speaker.

 Logitech Mini Boom Box has an internal battery which can be recharged via a Mini USB port. Logitech promises 10 hours of battery life and it will be very impressive if that holds good.

Value for Money

Logitech retails the Mini Boom Box for 70 pounds and you can buy it at a much cheaper price at many places. At this price, Boom Box performs above par and should be enough for anyone who just want to listen to decent music at their home. If you are looking to bring the roof down, then this is not for you.

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