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30 Mar 2012 | No Comment

ACER is a maker of many famous notebooks on which some good examples is the Aspire S3. The company is one of the largest notebook manufacturers in the world with a vast amount of laptop users being Acer. Its Aspire … Continue reading

24 Mar 2012 | One Comment

Believe it or not, the desktop computers are more comfortable to handle than laptops. Yes, it is a common misconception among many that laptops are to be used from your beds or sofas by keeping it on your lap; they … Continue reading

21 Mar 2012 | No Comment

People want to add a personal touch to everything that they own ranging for their clothes to pencils. Custom made products are usually an instant hit amongst the people of the modern day as they can design the stuff as … Continue reading

18 Mar 2012 | No Comment

AMD powered laptops are quite uncommon in the market but that does not mean that they aren’t there. In fact, their new line of VISION processor includes the AMD VISION E2 accelerated processing unit aka APU.  However, this processor caters … Continue reading

15 Mar 2012 | No Comment

In today’s world it is absolutely crucial for your child to get a working knowledge of technology, and the younger they start interacting with software and technological gadgets, the better. The problem is that most products currently available on the … Continue reading

12 Mar 2012 | No Comment

Gone are those days of the personal computers and so have the days of using laptops only on flat top surfaces, now with the advent of the portable fold laptop desk, you can now use your laptop on the bed, … Continue reading

4 Mar 2012 | No Comment

With the world moving towards the “touch” era, the use of push buttons is being minimized as much as possible. Microsoft has come up with a Touch Mouse which is said to offer the best touch based navigation for your PC or … Continue reading