HP Pavilion g6-1232sa 15.6-inch Laptop: Entry-Level For The Casual Users

18 March 2012

AMD powered laptops are quite uncommon in the market but that does not mean that they aren’t there. In fact, their new line of VISION processor includes the AMD VISION E2 accelerated processing unit aka APU.  However, this processor caters to entry-level notebook and the HP Pavilion g6-1232sa laptop is exactly that.

It comes with a red with a black finish and this definitely gives the HP Pavilion g6-1232sa a class of its own. The 15.6-inch LED BrightView Display gives it crisp and sharp images and the use of LED technology allows the laptop to consume less power as compared with traditional LCD displays. However, like most 15.6-inch laptops, portability is sacrificed due to its large size and its maximum thickness stands at 36mm. Its weight on the other hand is 2.55kgs which is typical for a laptop with this size as well but unlike most 15.6-inch laptops

The HP Pavilion g6-1232sa comes with an AMD VISION E2-3000M processor clocking at a speed of 1.8GHz. How does it fare with the Intel Sandy Bridge processor some may ask? Well the answer is that although this particular processor is slightly better than its predecessor, its performance isn’t comparable with even the Intel Core i3 2310M processor although both are in the entry-level. This particular G6 comes with a 4GB RAM which would mean that the g6-1232sa is also powered by Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit edition instead of a 32-bit edition.

The laptop uses an integrated graphics card which allows the user to render 1080p video with ease. SRS Premium Audio on the other hand will ensure that the speaker will be of good quality as well. Hard drive is the usual suspect of 500GB given to most laptops today as a standard: this means there are plenty of things to store. The HP Pavilion G6 battery is a regular HP 4400mAh pack with 6 cells that provides up to 5 hours of continuous work. There are also a few software bundled by default by HP as well.

In conclusion, the g6-1232sa is definitely not for power users but for those who would want to use the computer lightly such as for word processing or watching movies. Other than that, the laptop may not function just as smooth as one that is of higher specs. However, at a price of £349.00, it could be considered cheap for many.

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