Insights Into The Microsoft Touch Mouse- How Cool Is It ?

4 March 2012

With the world moving towards the “touch” era, the use of push buttons is being minimized as much as possible. Microsoft has come up with a Touch Mouse which is said to offer the best touch based navigation for your PC or laptop. This mouse does not have just touch controls but gesture controls as well. We have seen many innovative inventions come and go in the world of technology. Is the Touch Mouse here to stay for good? Let’s find out.

Unconventional Design- A ‘Sigh’ Factor?

This might need a little bit of getting used to do as the design is not what we usually see in a PC mouse. It measures 4.7 x 2.4-inches and the slope towards the front is rather large for our liking. It weighs 4.7 ounces which is quite heavy for a mouse and might create a problem for people who are used to carrying around their mouse. The part where the two buttons are usually present is graced by a pattern of “X” with dots between them and a line at the place where the roller wheel is. The marked portion of the mouse represents the touch sensitive area.

Easy to befriend

It is very simple to connect the Microsoft Touch Mouse to your PC. After inserting the AA batteries that power the mouse, connect the USB receiver to the micro-USB port and Windows 7 automatically detects the mouse. However to use the touch features, you need to download the required drivers from Microsoft’s web page.

 After a while, you get used to this guy and it is actually easier performing actions this way. You can just move your fingers to navigate web pages or documents and it works just like a touch pad of your laptop.  This supports Multi-touch but you cannot pinch it and expect to find your pictures zoomed. There are many actions that you can perform with this mouse and it is determined not only by the gesture but also the number of fingers that we use. It supports up to 3 finger gestures and it is advisable to give the tutorial a go. Once we are accustomed to all the controls of this mouse, finding our way around the laptop or PC will be a breeze.

 Microsoft Touch Mouse review

This is a mouse specifically designed to take advantage of the Windows 7 touch features and it is supported only in Windows 7. There would be no point of getting this mouse and using it in another operating system as it would just fail the purpose.

 Final Verdict

The Microsoft Touch Mouse is available for 55 pounds at the Microsoft Store. That is quite a lot to be spending on a mouse, however special it may be. This Touch Mouse does offer a unique experience and some may even be ready to spend so much for it. But our traditional mouse has been doing its job perfectly for years and such a costly replacement is not required, yet. 

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