Lavolta Laptop Table – Turn Your Space Into a Mini-office

24 March 2012

Believe it or not, the desktop computers are more comfortable to handle than laptops. Yes, it is a common misconception among many that laptops are to be used from your beds or sofas by keeping it on your lap; they are not. This myth is busted within a small number of days after getting the laptop. The truth is, laptops are extremely convenient and most uncomfortable. Although we can carry the laptop anywhere we want, typing while being in a conventional sitting position is very difficult. It is for these reasons a number of portable laptop tables have gained popularity. The Lavolta laptop desk is one of them and it gives you the much-needed comfort while using your notebook.

The new laptop table created by Lavolta does look stylish. Its main advantage is its adjustable swivel top, so its surface can be tilted for ease of use while the ridges close to the edge keep the laptop in place. The laptop table comes in black thereby making it compatible with your home decor and at the same time adding an important functionality. This Lavolta laptop desk has wheels as well making it easy to move from one room to another. Due to the adjustable height, it is possible to use it while sitting on lounge chairs, formal chairs or sofa among other kind of seating. In fact, you can adjust the height so that you can work on your laptop while standing. The table comes with a mouse board which is large enough to house a few more other devices such as speakers or USB hub, or a cup of coffee, or whatever is in your pockets.

This Lavolta laptop table is far more comfortable than your normal laptop desks. You can put it away when not required or move it to another room, so storing the laptop table is simple in case of limited storage place. No doubt, Lavolta laptop tables are the things to go for when you are looking for long-term benefits like good health and ergonomics. You can use the table at both home as well as business offices. It also saves your lap from undesirable heat.

What’s more, these stands are affordable and will not cost much. Have a look at Amazon, this very Lavolta laptop table currently retails at just £49.90.

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1 Replies to "Lavolta Laptop Table – Turn Your Space Into a Mini-office"

  • Nicolas

    This table is really very nice and helpful for using laptop. laptop tables now have become the need of the day.they are very helpful in avoiding many physical problems like back pain etc.