Start Them Young With The LeapFrog Leaptop

15 March 2012

In today’s world it is absolutely crucial for your child to get a working knowledge of technology, and the younger they start interacting with software and technological gadgets, the better. The problem is that most products currently available on the market right now are either too advanced for younger children, or too much like toys that offer no real value. If you have a youngster between 2 and 4 who is just starting to understand words, language, and hopefully already computers, then the perfect product for you is the LeapFrog Leaptop

My Own Leaptop

LeapFrog makes a variety of educational and entertaining laptops and PDA-style devices that are aimed at teaching youngsters the basics of computers. For those who are still too young to engage with a more complex model, the Leaptop is ideal. Small, brightly coloured and simple, these little machines feature a screen with very basic display capabilities, large buttons on the keyboard, and musical playback. They are rugged enough to handle the rough and tumble lifestyle of a child, but complex enough to keep children entertained. And thanks to new app technology, you can make them even more attractive.

LeapFrog Connect

The best thing about Leaptops is your ability to fully customize them with an app called Connect that is readily available online. The app changes your Leaptop from a general machine into a highly specialized, personalized laptop. It will great your child by name, play back a personal playlist of your own creation (great for stimulating brain activity) and present emails with personal information. This creates a strong bond between child and machine that is sure to keep them engaged and entranced for months. And as they grow, the app can be used to track linguistic and learning development, as you check off milestones together on the learning plan.

With this unique ability to fuse technology, learning and personalization, it is no wonder that the LeapFrog Leaptop is such a popular choice amongst parents and children alike. And what better day to give your child a head start in life than by letting them feel like they have a friend in technology? This is a revolutionary machine that you can set up as you like, to give your child the kind of meaningful experience that you wish you could have had as a child. Check out the LeapFrog Leaptop today, you won’t regret it!

We at Smart Parts receive loads of enquires form LeapFrog customers, us being the top notch specialists when it comes to charging things. Apparently, LeapFrog only have a limited number of after-market chargers. It took us a while, but here you are – Leapfrog adapter, rising and shining, for all Leapfrog products including, but not limited to LeapPad, Leapster, Explorer and Didj learning systems. We will try to review all of them in the next few months by the way.

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