8GB Cambridge Sciences G7-II 7inch Android 2.3 Tablet Does it All

17 April 2012

 When you find yourself in need of a device that will allow you to surf the Internet, watch movies, listen to music, write up some class notes, play a game, take a picture and make a video call to your mother, you need look no further than the 8GB Cambridge Sciences G7-II 7inch Android 2.3 Tablet. To make it even better, this unit fits in a jacket pocket or your purse. You can also download books and read them on it.


 The 7-II runs on the Android 2.3 platform. This means, although this device is not a cellular phone, it is capable of using voice over Internet protocol to make phone calls and with the camera can make video calls. It has a 1.5 GHz processor and 512 Mb of DDR RAM. While it only has 8GB of storage on the device itself, it is easily expandable to 32 GB with an SD card. There are 2 mini USB ports, an SD card port and an HDMI slot. The viewing area is seven inches wide and is capable of high definition graphics. Flash 11.0 gives it the ability of streaming YouTube videos and using a BBC iPlayer. It has Kindle eReader programming. With the front facing camera, you can easily take a self-portrait or make a video phone call. There is no need for an external microphone as it has an internal one that works quite well. Although the internal speakers are more than adequate, there is a jack to plug in an external pair of stereo speakers if you desire. You may also use a set of headphones if you have the need for private listening.

 The battery is rechargeable and will last right around five hours before it needs recharging unless it was all video watching. It will play continuous videos for four hours. You can play 3D video games on the unit and it supports almost all types of video and audio files. Make a video and play it back later. Do a bit of editing and then email it to a friend.

 The Android platform has hundreds of thousands of applications that can be downloaded to your device. It comes with the most popular already installed but they can be removed if you do not want them. While many smartphones have most of the abilities, the 8GB Cambridge Sciences G7-II 7inch Android 2.3 Tablet has a bigger screen for easier viewing. This device is just a mini, personal computer. We live in the age of technology and this is one of its latest accomplishments. It has enough uses to keep it useful for years to come. It will not be long before everyone has a personal computing unit the way they have a cell phone now. If you really want to keep up with the times, you will have a tablet with you at all times, ready to get onto Facebook or watch the latest episode of your favorite TV program. The possibilities are endless.

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