Audyssey Lower East Side Dock Air – Is it Worth the Deal?

13 April 2012

Speakers are one of those vital accessories which always hold a special place in people’s hearts and ‘ears’ too. That’s probably the reason why many companies have decided to design them in the most innovative way possible, in sync with new technology and present them to the public. Audyssey has designed one such product in their Lower East Side Dock Air which is basically a single speaker featuring Apple’s AirPlay. Let’s take a better look and infer if it is worth the hype.


Solid Design & Powerful Components – Something to Cheer About?

 The external setup of the speaker measures 8.9 x 8.3 x 4.8 and it weighs almost 5 pounds which should not give many people a problem with portability. Audyssey has gone with a “no nonsense” design as the Lower East Side Dock Air looks as simple as it could ever be. Inside the speaker, two tweeters and two woofers are present which amplifies the sound when it comes out of it. In addition to those, throw in a pair of bass radiators and you got yourself a speaker with astounding sound quality. The sides of the speakers are covered in fabric.


The rear of the speakers have the power input and the pairing button while the front  has a headphone jack which you can use to connect a headphone, just if necessary. There is also a volume dial and LED lights which shows if the speaker is powered up and connected. A 3.5mm input port is also present for connection of external devices.

 Complicated Setup but Excellent Sound Quality

 The setup process might be a bit too complicated for someone’s like but it is no rocket science. The LES Dock connects through a Wi-Fi network and it has to be configured via a laptop before it is ready to go. When powered on, the LES Dock emits Wi-Fi signals which can be used to connect to a network. Once the connection is established, it works as a normal speaker and there is no more process to adhere to.  As this is Wi-Fi based, you can control the dock from anywhere from your house and even from outside. The iPhone’s AirPlay support is another added bonus and it works flawlessly.

 The sound quality is far better than any other speakers of this price range. LES Dock plays every genre that is available and it does with ease. All sorts of music sound great and there is no distortion of any kind. The only downside of this speaker is that it has to be connected to a power outlet all the time. There is no battery backup so it may not be ideal for a beach party or something like that.

 Final Verdict

 There is no doubt that this is one of the better sounding speaker on the shelves now but that is not a strong enough reason to recommend it to anyone. The point of Wireless is lost when you are forced to connect to a power outlet all the time. The LES Dock retails at 280 pounds and that is not the kind of money that one would usually invest in a speaker. That said; if you are looking for a solid music experience then think twice before going for this product from Audyssey.

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