Asus X54H Laptop – Intel Core i3 2310 2.1GHz – 4GB RAM + 500GB HDD

29 May 2012

Sometimes, you do not have to fork out a fortune on a laptop because most of the time, a cheap one will do the job just fine. That is why manufacturers are gearing more towards the lower to mid-range laptops. One of the good ones that you can look at is the Asus X54H laptop. This 15.6” LED laptop can be considered to be one for entertainment although it is good for other purposes as well.

Inside the Asus X54H is a Sandy Bridge Intel Core i3 2310M processor and this clocks at a speed of 2.1GHz. The processor is also coupled with a 4GB RAM which in most cases, is sufficient for any type of usages. With this being said and done, we do not expect the laptop to have a performance that is comparable with those that have a better processor but in most cases, it gets the job done. Don’t expect to run multiple programs at the same time either as that would easily max out the resources in this computer. However, if you wait a little bit more time, you may find yourself using a laptop with the new Ivy Bridge series processor.

In addition to the i3 processor and the 4GB RAM, Asus decided not to add in a dedicated graphics card to the X54H. As a result, the X54H relies on the Intel Integrated HD Graphics. One of the advantages of using this card is that it consumes less power if compared with a dedicated graphics card and as a result, you would have a longer battery life as well. The not so wonderful thing is that when it comes to graphics, the X54H is handicapped.

The Asus X54H comes with an Altec Lansing speaker which should deliver good sound quality as compared with the normal laptop speakers. As far as storage is concerned, you are given a total of 500GB worth of storage and as usual, Asus was kind enough to split the drive into two different partitions. If you need extra storage, you can also consider getting an optical caddy bay although this would definitely cost you your DVD drive since it replaces the latter.

When it comes to ports, there isn’t anything special about the Asus X54H. You are given all the necessary ports such as the green and red ports for headphones and a mic, a HDMI port, RJ45 LAN port and 2 USB ports. One of it is the USB 3.0 while the other is the old 2.0. Asus has also been kind enough to grace the users with some of its software which includes (but not limited to) the Asus SmartLogon, Live Update, Splendid, Express Gate and few others.

If you are small on cash, then you can definitely get the X54H as this would cost you around £350 for a new one. While this isn’t a very powerful laptop, it pretty much gets the things done.

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