The Arc Touch Mouse – Beyond Comparison

22 May 2012

There is a number of things that one has to take into consideration when choosing a mouse. If you don’t believe this, try and work without one, or even more frustratingly, one that doesn’t work correctly all of the time. We have all experienced that frustration – either the ball doesn’t work, or the cable is too short, or the mouse pad is coated in something that renders the whole device useless. There are solutions on offer from all sides – mice that have no need to be placed on a flat surface, mice that use LED or infrared connections, and those that use complex gyroscopes instead of the archaic ball layout.

But the old mouse design is not only flawed in this way. Older mice are flat and cumbersome, and have been known to aggravate certain medical conditions that are the result of awkward hand positions. Whether you have ‘mouse hand’, carpal tunnel or any similar condition, the fact is that our daily interactions with poor mouse designs can have serious repercussions. Thankfully, there is one mouse that solves all of these problems, the Microsoft Arc Touch mouse.


One primary trait of a truly great mouse is that it is easy to carry around and use, whether you take it home with you when you leave the office every day, or you intend on working during you rdaily commute. Obviously technological advances have allowed mouse developers to make these critical little critters a lot smaller, but there are new advances too. For example, if you are using a mouse that is dependent on a USB connection, you are wasting space. You need the ultra slim, compact, optically-driven Arc Touch mouse, because it takes up such a tiny amount of space


All a mouse can do is point, and click on the left and maybe the right, right? Incorrect! Nowadays, a mouse is likely to have a scrolling wheel for rapid navigation. But of course, this can be furthered by using an Arc Touch. Unlike traditional scrolling, a few nifty design tricks allow you to navigate vertically and horizontally around the screen as you see fit. And gone are the days of having to click, drag and release like a synchronized robot. The Arc Touch works on pressure sensitivity, which means that once you’ve got the hang of handling this incredible device, you will have the most personal and functional mouse experience possible.

Ergonomic design

As mentioned above, the position of your hand while working with a mouse is of paramount importance for reasons of comfort and health. The Arc gives you tremendous freedom to make sure you are always relaxed. It starts out flat, but with a simple twist and lift motion, you can extend it, switch it on, and mould it to an arch that fits perfectly in your hand. Now your wrist can rest while you scroll, or use it flat if you fancy alternate stress on the many different muscles. 

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