Toshiba L750D-14E Laptop (AMD A6, 6GB, 640GB, 15.6″ Display)

17 May 2012

Toshiba certainly has a lot of great laptops and its Satellite can be considered to be its mainstream line for consumers around the world. The Toshiba L750D-14E is certainly a laptop to look up to because it has some exciting specification which may not be present in most common laptops in the market. It also has an affordable price tag and this makes the L750D-14E a bang for the buck.

This laptop comes with a 15.6” display which can be considered neither too big nor too small. However, it still lacks the portability that comes with those that has a smaller chassis as this laptop. Nevertheless, its LCD display is definitely pleasing to look at with its 16:9 resolution of 1366×768. The Toshiba Satellite L750D-4E comes with only a single color which is dark silver with matrix and the keyboard is the common black. Aesthetically speaking, it isn’t bad looking but it is neither too striking either.

The mind behind the Toshiba Satellite L750D-14E is an AMD processor which is definitely in contrast to most manufacturers which prefer to use Intel made processors instead. Specifically speaking, it is the AMD A6-3400M APU that is present inside this laptop and the good thing about AMD APU is that it also has a graphics card on the CPU die. For the A6 processor, users are bundled with the AMD 6520G GPU. Performance wise, it is better than all of Intel’s Integrated Graphics but still lags behind the mid-end range of a dedicated graphics card. This graphics card can have a memory of up to 3GB on a 6GB RAM configuration or up to 4GB in an 8GB system memory.

As for its other inside components, you will be happy to know that the Toshiba L750D-14E comes with a 6GB RAM (4GB+2GB) and is expandable to up to 8GB. In most cases, the amount given is already enough but you might want to replace the 2GB with a 4GB as this can be quite a cheap upgrade. The storage space on the other hand is 640GB. Not much is to be commented on this other than the fact that it is mostly sufficient for all kinds of users.

Consumers are also given a DVD Super-multi drive which is capable of both read and write DVD and CDs. As far as the speakers are concerned, Toshiba has bundled in an Onkyo stereo speakers with the Toshiba Bass Enhanced Sound System with Dolby Advanced Audio. The battery on the other hand is claimed to have a maximum battery life of 5 hours and 15 minutes through the Mobile Mark 2007 test. As far as bundled software is concerned, this Toshiba laptop comes with a lot of them and that might be the reason for the cheaper price tag of the laptop as well.

The Toshiba Satellite L75D-4E is available to you for only £ 449.00. Considering its specification, it is definitely a good laptop for those that wants to do some photo or visual editing but not for video editing purposes. As far as students are concerned, this might definitely be a good laptop for them as well. 

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