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28 Jun 2012 | No Comment

When the majority of people invest in a laptop, a notebook, or similar device, they seem to take for granted that the machine can get dirty, despite the fact that excess dirt can lead to the premature death of your … Continue reading

25 Jun 2012 | No Comment

Dell holds a big market share on its Enterprise business but that doesn’t mean that their budget laptops are no good. Besides, they offer on-site support for about a year’s worth of warranty which is certainly pleasing. So if you … Continue reading

14 Jun 2012 | No Comment

It is amazing the number of people who do not regularly save the data on their computer to an external flash drive. It is even worse with people who use a laptop as their main computer. A laptop computer is … Continue reading

13 Jun 2012 | No Comment

Toshiba certainly makes some of the best laptops in the market and it is one of the top 10 companies which manufacture laptop as well. The Toshiba Satellite is one of its laptop lines meant to be popular with casual … Continue reading

7 Jun 2012 | No Comment

It happens. If it has not yet happened to you, consider yourself lucky and be weary of the fact that you are due to have it happen. Your hard drive crashes or someone wipes something from your computer that you … Continue reading