DBEST London PS4001BT Solo Bluetooth Rechargeable Speaker- Is It Really ‘DBEST’ ?

16 August 2012

Products of smaller dimensions are being preferred among the people all over the world, especially when we are talking about modern day gadgets. DBEST London PS4001BT Solo is probably the smallest quality rechargeable speaker that you will find in the market. For some people, size is as important as performance. Does the DBEST London PS4001BT have enough to please everybody or does it disappoint? Let’s find out in our review.

A Speaker That Could Almost Fit In Your Pocket

DBEST London PS4001BT Solo is not only small but it is stylish in its own way. At the miniscule dimensions of 2.3 x 2.3 x 1.8, DBEST London has done a designed a compact but very effective speaker. At 65 grams, you can pretty much carry it around anywhere without it weighing you down. There is a 3.5 mm headphone jack for you attach the speakers to non-Bluetooth devices. A MicroUSB port is used to charge up the PS4001BT Solo and DBEST includes a USB cable to save you the trouble. The Solo is available in different colors which includes red, black and white.

Don’t Let the Size Fool You

It is not a Herculean task to design a small speaker but the trick is to design a speaker that gives a good performance and DBEST London has got it right. DBEST London PS4001BT Solo Bluetooth is one of the better sounding speakers out there in the market. It does not take much time for the speaker to sync along with your device. After the initial charging of one hour, the glowing blue LED light will indicate that the speaker is ready to go.

You start of by connecting the device using the default code (0000) and that’s pretty much it. The party begins when the speaker is up and running. The sound is incredibly crisp and all the musical instruments can be easily distinguished. The DBEST London PS4001BT Solo is also really loud and you would be surprised by the sound that it makes even at half the volume. The DBEST lacks onboard control which is a minor issue as you can always control the volume from your device.

Good Connectivity & Battery life

The connectivity range is pretty good and DBEST promises that the connection will stay intact for up to 45 feet. The Solo is expected to stream wireless music for 20 hours and wired music for 40 hours and it lives up to its promise. There is no battery meter so you have to rely on the LED light to inform you when the speaker is out of charge. Either that or you’ll know when the Solo stops playing music.

The Final Word

There is no denying that DBEST London PS4001BT Solo Bluetooth Rechargeable Speaker is a great product. It is not one of a kind and DBEST has made sure that it edges out its competitors with compact size and stylish looks. The Solo is priced at $60 which not that costly to be honest. DBEST has delivered a quality product in PS4001BT Solo. If you are looking to buy a Bluetooth rechargeable speaker, the Solo is very hard to miss. 

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