Review of the World’s Smallest Computer

30 October 2012

The FXI Cotton Candy can be called the world’s smallest computer. Manufactured by a Norwegian technology company, it is the size of a USB stick  and is often referred to as a C-Stick.



There are many specifications packed into this tiny little computer which makes it the world’s smallest. They include:

  • 1 GHz ARM Cortez-A9 processor built by Samsung
  • 400 GPU
  • HDMI output capability
  • WI-FI capability
  • Micro USB port
  • Android or Linux OS
  • Plug into any TV to use as a media PC

Pros of FXI Cotton Candy

With the FXI Cotton Candy, you have many advantages to using one. For one thing it is the world’s smallest computer which means it can be taken anywhere with you. No more having to lug around a big laptop, it can be fitted right into your own pocket. You can’t say that about any other computer can you?

Because it is so small and comes with a USB port, you can plug it into any TV and check email, IM notifications and even surf the web. You can basically turn your TV or any TV for that matter into a PC with it. Who wouldn’t want something so awesome?

It comes with ports and not plugs so this eliminates carrying those annoying cables with you. Just hook the USB stick into any TV and you have an instant PC.

You can also hook it up to any PC, MAC or Linux with the USB port which means checking your notifications, emails, playing games, surfing the web, checking social networks or working from anywhere.

It is also constructed with high quality construction and uses high performance. It is also Bluetooth enabled and you will also get ongoing support from FXI Technologies.

Cons of FXI Cotton Candy

There aren’t many cons to the world’s smallest computer but here are a few:

  • Costs $200
  • Not all USB adapters are included
  • A few limitations in the firmware
  • No way to attach a wireless keyboard or mouse to it

See, not many cons to this small USB like computer. With all of the pros and not so many cons, why not pre-order one and be one of the first one to have it?

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