Battle of the Mid-sized Tablets

30 November 2012

Like there weren’t enough tablets on the market these days. Before all you had to compare were their sizes and prices to get the best deal on one. Now you have so many things to compare between the iPad Mini, Kindle Fire HD 8.9 and the Nook HD. With so many different features to choose from, you might have a hard time when figuring out the best one for you. Now let’s take a look at the three newest tablets and ways you can use to compare them with each other.


Although the iPad Mini has a screen size of 7.9 inches, it does not stand up to the competition with the Nook HD and the Kindle Fire HD. The iPad Mini does have a wide angle screen and a good color resolution, however. Even with these features to the screen of the iPad Mini, it still comes off a little blurry and videos will display with a dithered look.

Now the Kindle Fire HD has a great screen that looks nice and vibrant. With the white text and the dark background, the Kindle Fire HD comes off with a contrasted look to it. Because of the screen being so much better on the Fire HD, videos and such come off looking sharp.

However, the Nook HD has the best screen resolution of them all. The screen is also bigger on this one coming in at 9 inches. Everything will look sharper on this tablet.


The iPad Mini is the smallest out of all three. It weighs about 0.68 pounds with the Nook HD coming in a little heavier at 1.14 pounds. The Fire HD weighs the most coming in at 1.22 pounds. Although this isn’t heavy at all, you will need to compare the weight of the Tablets with their screen sizes.


Although all three of them have great apps, the iPad Mini wins in the app department. Not because it has more apps but because the apps have better quality to them.


Although the Nook HD is excellent for books, magazines and catalogues, it doesn’t offer much for television and movies. What it does offer is a bit disappointing. However, if you really want one for media use, the iPad Mini and the Kindle Fire HD offers the best options for this type of use.


The price isn’t too bad with the Nook HD starting at $269 for 16 GB. The Kindle Fire is a little more expensive at an extra $30 for 16 GB and the iPad Mini costs the most at around $329. However, you get many features with all three. You just need to not only compare the prices of all three but you will need to compare the screen sizes, weight and the media that can be used on all three of them.

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