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23 Jan 2013 | No Comment

Chrome based netbooks failed to get much traction in the market. Still some of the manufacturers are hoping to grab few cloud customers with Google Chrome OS so Acer has recently launched their C7 chromebook series at cost 249$ USD. … Continue reading

18 Jan 2013 | No Comment

Massive advancements in technology have been achieved in recent years. In the past decade alone, high definition (HD) screens have become commonplace, the Internet has been made accessible from nearly anywhere and social media has completely changed the way people … Continue reading

10 Jan 2013 | No Comment

Imagine yourself being out and about running errands. You have your iPad with you in case you need to look something up. All of a sudden, your friend sends you a link to check out on Facebook and you look … Continue reading

4 Jan 2013 | No Comment

Tablets are all the rage right now. Whether you are looking for a 7 inch or a 10 inch, there are many tablets available on the market today. With their amazing portability and easy access to the Internet while out … Continue reading