Apple’s AirPrint Feature for iOS devices Reviewed

18 January 2013

Massive advancements in technology have been achieved in recent years. In the past decade alone, high definition (HD) screens have become commonplace, the Internet has been made accessible from nearly anywhere and social media has completely changed the way people interact and communicate with each other. However, one piece of technology that seemed doomed to fall behind the times was printers. The cause of most computer related frustrations, printers have always suffered from compatibility issues, driver problems and baffling error codes. By developing AirPrint, Apple wanted to make these problems a thing of the past, and make it easy and straightforward to print from any device.

How It Works

Most new printer models are wireless, so printing a simple document or photograph should be as easy as connecting to the printer’s network and sending the job to the print queue. However, even though wireless printers don’t need to be physically connected to a PC or laptop, many models still require software and drivers to be installed. This causes cross-compatibility problems with devices like smartphones and tablets because they can’t typically install third-party software. AirPrint is a completely different type of printing architecture. It doesn’t require drivers or software and any iOS device, like Macbooks, iMacs, iPhones and iPads, can print to an AirPrint compatible printer with just a few simple clicks.

Compatible For Future Devices

Although Apple has a tendency to release new models of iPhones and iPads on an annual basis, users can be assured that even older models will support AirPrint. AirPrint is backwards compatible, so users don’t have to worry about getting a printer that supports the latest iPad mini, for example. All Apple devices use iOS, and AirPrint is now built-in to all new versions of the operating system. In fact, even older models like the iPhone 3GS can use AirPrint, even though the printing technology has only been developed in recent years.

Easily Print Documents and Photos

Like all of their innovations, Apple has strived to make AirPrint as user-friendly as possible. Printing off an iPhone, iPad or iPad mini can be done in just a few simple clicks, so users can print emails, photographs and other documents quickly and free of hassle.

Supported By Major Printer Manufacturers

Most new printer models support AirPrint, and the technology is likely to become commonplace in the future. Major manufacturers like Canon, HP, Brother, Dell and Lexmark have all released AirPrint printers, so users don’t have to worry about paying for an expensive printer just to use the technology. This also means that customers can still take advantage of Tesco’s great deals on ink cartridges and refills, as the printers don’t require any special cartridges or inks.

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