iWalk Review

10 January 2013

Imagine yourself being out and about running errands. You have your iPad with you in case you need to look something up. All of a sudden, your friend sends you a link to check out on Facebook and you look at your iPad and it is almost dead. Not only that but you need to look something up on Google. What do you do? Do you check out the link your friend sent you? Do you look up that important information on Google? Which is more important and which can wait until you get home to your computer or when you plug your iPad in? What do you do now? You use the iWalk. The iWalk is extra juice for your devices. It is a portable backup battery to get you through a few more hours of battery life for any device you use.

What to Expect

The iWalk will help you get through those extra few hours you need to get through. No more choosing between which is more important that will drain your iPad, iPhone or other device battery life. The iWalk is the extra juice you need for whatever you need when running errands or just out hanging with friends.

The iWalk comes with USB connections or direct connection docks. If you have an iPad or the mini version, stick with the USB connections. This is because the docking stations are all compatible with 30 pin.

Expect to pay between around $65 and $145 for whichever type you choose. The $65 one is the 3600mAH and the $145 one is the longest lasting battery pack which is 15,600mAH. Whichever you choose will determine how much longer your battery life is. The 3600mAH will give you an additional 3.6 AH while the 15,600 will provide you with longer battery life which is 156 AH. Either one will give you the much needed extra juice you need for your portable devices.

They are both small enough to fit in a purse, handbag, briefcase or even a backpack. You can even fit them in your pocket and are small enough to hold in your hand.


The iWalk is great when you need the extra battery life for your portable devices while out. You don’t want to be stuck out needing to check something on your iPad or iPhone only for it to be going dead after being out for a few hours. Because of the iWalk, you can extend the batter life on just about any portable device. Whether you need to use your cell phone to make a call, or you need to get online and check something out really quick, the iWalk is perfect for you. Everyone hates to be out with their devices only for them to be dying when they need them the most. So, try the iWalk and don’t let this happen anymore. Don’t be left without the extra battery life you need the next time you are out and about and need to use one of your devices for something important.

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