ADVENT Monza T100 15.6″ Laptop – Red

13 May 2013

Advent has released budget laptop with their T100 series. These colorful cases for the laptop makes it more attractive yet low weight for the handling. Other than red color, there are two more colors available for monza – purple and blue.

Advent Monza has Windows 8 operating system pre-installed with the additional option of recovery media and recovery partition. This helps you back up to the factory default settings if you get system crash and want to restore your system. Hard Drive has capacity of 320GB which is sufficient for the casual computing usage.


It has Intel Celeron 847 processor, which may not be fast enough for the Windows 8 modern UI. However, most of the tasks are done without much issues. It may not handle 3D resource heavy applications with ease but It can make system less responsive as per our tests. You may find different behavior if you are not using heavy apps on your computer. System has 6GB of DDR3 RAM which means you are not cut from the performance side for the widnows 8.

Monza has 15.6” display with 1366 by 768px resolution and decent screen performance for the outdoor usage. There is no external graphic card but the integrated graphics is included with the mainboard. From the accessories side, the laptop has DVD-RW CD and DVD which takes care of your data transfer needs. For quicker data transfer you get 3 USB ports and bluetooth along with SD card reader on system. You also get VGA webcam which is basic for your video conferencing needs.

System has decent battery performance of about 2.5 hours for the casual usage. In case of the idle runtime you get atleast 3 hours of the battery runtime which is sufficient considering the heavy UI of Windows 8 operating system.

To sum everything up, at the price of £249.99 you are getting some proper budget configuration. Though the processor isn’t powerful, you do get rest of the other stuff at decent price.

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