Windows 8: Is It Really Worth The Hype?

7 June 2013

Windows 8 is the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system. The hype surrounding it has been building for a while now and experts have varying opinions on whether or not Windows 8 is all Microsoft claimed it would be.


Touch Screen

The big selling point of Windows 8 is that it offers touch screen capabilities that can be used on laptops and tablets. It features large panels that users can touch to carry out actions on their computer or mobile device similar to the way they can use a Windows Phone 7. There are many applications compatible with Windows 8 that allow users to take advantage of the touch screen. One unique feature that many people like about Windows 8 is that it allows the user to run two applications on the same screen at the same time.

Windows 8 Versus Windows 7

Some long time users of Windows products feel that Windows 8 will never outshine Windows 7, which is still the most frequently used version of the operating software. This is mainly because Windows 8 is geared more towards phones that desktop or laptop computers. This means that, to those who are frequently on the go, Windows 8 is the easier and more convenient options.

Windows 8 Lawsuit

At the end of 2012, Microsoft was sued for patent infringement stemming from the fact that they use tile icons. SurfCast, an OS technology design company, claims that Microsoft stole the live tile technology that SurfCast claims they created during the 1990s. Microsoft has stated that they provide their users with a unique live tile technology and that SurfCast’s claims have no merit.

The live tile interface makes it possible for an application to update its information automatically. For example, a live tile weather app will show the current weather automatically; new email messages will automatically appear in the user’s inbox and notifications from social networking sites will pop up on the screen as soon as they are received.

Competition for Windows 8

While many people have sung their praises regarding Windows 8, the main operating systems used for computers and mobile devices are Apple’s IOS and Google’s Android. Windows 8 comes in a distant third at this point.


Whether or not Windows 8 has lived up to the hype surrounding it is a matter of opinion. It depends on what an individual user is comfortable with and what type of device they use to access information such as emails, social networking sites and phone contacts. Windows based mobile phones are still relatively new to the game, and not everyone feels that these phones represent the future of mobile devices and computers. Die hard Google and Apple fans are not finding that Windows 8 deserves all the hype that has surrounded it. Only time will tell if Windows 8 will be able to give Apple and Google a run for their money. Many people seem more comfortable sticking to the operating systems they already use and are confident in.

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