A Highly Functional No-Frills HP Pavilion Laptop

1 August 2013

Not everyone needs a high-powered computer. If you’re looking for a no-frills, get the job done laptop at an affordable price, the HP Pavilion g6-2244sa 15.6″ laptop may be the right one for you. It is a solid choice within its price range and it offers all the standard features you’d expect plus a few extra touches that make this laptop more worthwhile than some of its competitors.



Overall, this laptop is well designed for the price. The exterior is gray in color with a solid design and rounded edges. The hinges, though plastic, are quite sturdy. The keyboard design is somewhat lacking for those with larger fingers because there may not be ample space between the keys for comfortable typing. For most people, however, the keyboard will work fine. The touchpad is very well designed. It is textured, very responsive and can easily be turned on and off by tapping twice in the upper left corner to avoid accidentally touching it while you type. The display is comfortable at 15.6 inches, and the screen resolution about what you’d expect for comparably-priced models.

Operating System

Although older versions of this laptop may still have Windows 7 installed, new models in the stores and online feature the 64-bit version of Windows 8. The new operating system can be a bit tricky without a touchscreen, so you may want to downgrade the OS if it comes with Windows 8. If you give it a little time, however, the Windows 8 screens will become second nature, and you’ll be able to navigate them just fine using your touchpad or an external mouse.


The model comes standard with a 1.7 GHz AMD Dual-Core E2-1800 APU microprocessor, but an upgraded version of this model can get you a processor with improved performance. It now comes with 8GB DDR3 memory which makes it easy to run multiple programs at once on the machine without losing speed and responsiveness. It has a DVD R/RW drive, three USB 2.0 ports and an SD card slot for storage.


The laptop performs well within its price range. The touchpad design puts this laptop miles above the rest when it comes to comfort and usability. The webcam makes it easy to connect with family and friends or create videos for YouTube.


As previously mentioned, the keyboard doesn’t seem to have quite enough spacing between the keys for people with large hands. It also has an extra row of keys to the right which may throw your typing off a bit until you get used to it. The screen is glossy and doesn’t offer anti-glare protection, so working in bright light or direct sunlight can pose a problem.


The HP Pavilion g6-2244sa 15.6″ Laptop is an excellent option for someone who simply wants a basic laptop for watching videos, surfing the web, using a webcam and performing basic productivity functions. It is nicely designed, functions well and is sturdily built. It can handle running many programs at once, so there’s no worry about unresponsiveness for most users.


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