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10 Apr 2013 | No Comment

At just 1-½ inches tall, the Apple Mac Mini is the perfect device for anyone who is rarely ever in the same place twice. This portable mini Mac computer is a powerful little tool that any business traveler will love. … Continue reading

5 Feb 2008 | No Comment

What will the world without oil be like? No cars, no airplanes, no long-distance travel, people are moving to a village again, growing vegetables, milking cows, living simple lives. No plastic, rubber, paint- everything is made out of wood. The … Continue reading

7 Dec 2007 | No Comment

The World was big, back in ancient times. Everything was a mystery behind the village gates, and three giant elephants and a turtle carried the Earth into the unknown. After the turtle, came the ship, the train, the plane, each … Continue reading