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26 Apr 2012 | No Comment

When it comes to introducing your kids to the world of technology, it seems that most parents are operating on a “sooner rather than later” kind of mentality. Obviously you cannot leave your personal technology in the growing and mischievous … Continue reading

15 Mar 2012 | No Comment

In today’s world it is absolutely crucial for your child to get a working knowledge of technology, and the younger they start interacting with software and technological gadgets, the better. The problem is that most products currently available on the … Continue reading

6 Feb 2012 | No Comment

 Tablet technology is all the rage right now and it seems like it’s here to stay. Allowing your kids to use technology is an important part of their development in the modern world, as it puts them in a position … Continue reading

3 Jul 2011 | No Comment

A lot of people don’t know that the reason we have netbooks is because of a great initiative started by MIT more than a decade ago that aims to produce laptops that are small enough and cheap enough that every … Continue reading

14 Nov 2009 | No Comment

Sometimes technologies of the past help us to go in the future. Let’s take the first pedal powered machine for XO laptops as an example. Akmal Waak and Mike Dawson, technicians working for OLPC (the One Laptop Per Child Association, … Continue reading