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26 Dec 2010 | No Comment

The tension is palpable, the pulse is running high, sweat trickles down his hands and suddenly the entire room is engulfed by a deafening roar of his family as he crosses the finish line in the final lap of EA games Need for Speed Shift on his high end gaming laptop.
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10 Dec 2010 | No Comment

As the holidays continue to come closer, laptop manufacturers are going through their usual bout of releasing new models. Some of them have announced their new models, like MSI; and some of them have simply kept mum about it — … Continue reading

4 Dec 2010 | No Comment

The design of the Asus G51J itself is inspired from, and built for gamers. Sporting futuristic outside graphics which could be called cool by those who like to say cool, Asus does not over-do these graphics, and thereby appeals to … Continue reading

15 Aug 2010 | One Comment

No one can judge the performance of a laptop better than a gamer can. Those unbelievably close to reality graphics, a gameplay that requires super human reflexes, and controls that can take full control of player’s imagination – with all … Continue reading

22 Dec 2007 | No Comment

If there was a New American Dream, a dream of e-generation, what would that be like? What do we, people that are free of sex and family constraints of 20th century, are able to travel around the world, and are … Continue reading