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28 Nov 2011 | No Comment

Probably the logic that worked in the manufacturer’s minds was to combine fashion with ecological balance on the planet Earth. Since the first eco bags immediately caught the attention of the buyers, Pakuma later came up with a whole range … Continue reading

10 May 2011 | No Comment

One of the reasons I love to use my laptop is because of the laptop battery. When I’m not plugged into the grid, I feel like I’m not destroying the planet. On a recent trip to Indonesia, when I looked … Continue reading

22 Mar 2011 | No Comment

Lenovo’s new ThinkPad T420 underwent an environment test at the Underwriter Laboratories’ group. They have gold certified the product after the test saying that the product is environmentally sustainable and helps thwart “green washing”. They also said that this is … Continue reading

13 Dec 2010 | No Comment

Laptops can create carbon footprints, consume electrical power, and contribute to ecological problems such as the dumping of toxic components.
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7 Aug 2010 | No Comment

Call it the Captain Planet or Green Lantern, Sony Vaio VPCW11S1E/w netbook is here to save the earth either way. Launched in 2009, Sony Vaio W series was bound to make an impact, but was received with mixed reviews possibly … Continue reading

31 Jul 2010 | No Comment

Along with the pleasure of having your own laptop comes the responsibility to dispose it in a proper, environmentally friendly way. The time when your AC adapter stops working or your laptop battery reaches the end of its life is … Continue reading

16 Apr 2008 | No Comment

The voices telling us about eco-friendly laptops are getting louder, but so far they sound, to put it mildly, boring and unimaginative. Certainly, with winter temperatures getting closer to summer ones each year it is silly not to consider environment … Continue reading

5 Mar 2008 | No Comment

If you were asked to name the person who had invented electricity, you’d probably say it was Benjamin Franklin who flew his kite during a thunderstorm. Yet, experts say that there was a whole range of scientists who contributed to … Continue reading

31 Jan 2008 | One Comment

Laptop life expectancy. How long is it? With the speed things are changing, CD for DVD, HDD for SSD, ABC for XYZ, how often do you want your laptop to be replaced? Our conservative guess is 1.5 years, at most. … Continue reading

24 Jan 2008 | No Comment

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Hippies may be accused of libertinism, drug-abuse and sexual perversion, but what they try to teach the world is that the nature is our treasure. Wearing synthetic clothes, eating artificially made food, driving cars with high levels … Continue reading