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20 Jun 2013 | No Comment

Laptops are being reinvented all the time. Thankfully, the manufacturers are listening to consumers, and bringing them what they want. From superior design, featherweight, speed, innovations, and price, laptops are built for their uniqueness, and not their durability. This is … Continue reading

13 Feb 2008 | No Comment

20 Years ago, schoolboys dreamed of videophones, laptops were called “microcomputers”, and were the size of a small house. They were cooler than a spaceship. They were spaceships themselves, taking us humans away from analog jungle to digital concrete.

29 Dec 2007 | No Comment

We usually like to search the web for new amazing and stylish laptops that impress our imagination with innovative features and new technology. The progress of today is astonishing indeed. But looking back into the past can be even more … Continue reading