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25 Oct 2012 | No Comment

When it comes to that next tech gadget coming out, you usually want or are the first one to want to know about it.  This is why it is a good idea for anyone to know what will be coming … Continue reading

7 Nov 2011 | No Comment

Announced at Computex 2011, LG Xnote P220 was officially launched on August 11, a descendant of the LG Xnote P210 presented at CeBit 2011. The new P220 is different from its predecessor, primarily through finishes and color, but also with … Continue reading

16 Oct 2011 | No Comment

Intel Windows 8 Ultrabooks seem to be poised to take over the market and come in direct competition with the MacBook Air and the iPad tablet from Apple. Intel owns the Ultrabook brand and the chipmaker will impose strict restrictions … Continue reading

7 Oct 2011 | No Comment

Is your laptop a bit on the heavy side? If so, you can put the blame on your battery. However, those heavy, bulky laptop batteries may not be around forever. A physics researcher Ian Ward at the University of Leeds … Continue reading

23 Sep 2011 | No Comment

As you all know by now, the first publicly available preview of Windows 8 is out. It is the developer preview and has a lot of new features. It completely reimagines how Windows will work and function and it is … Continue reading

18 Sep 2011 | No Comment

I’ve been browsing around some PC related magazines this week, trying to find something laptop related to help my inspiration kick in. I must say gone are the days when laptops used to be the most intriguing of all personal … Continue reading

14 Sep 2011 | No Comment

There’s been quite a buzz online lately about how Intel’s Ultrabook laptop platform is taking aim at the MacBook Air or at least at making it an affordable solution to those out there who don’t have the funding available to … Continue reading

3 Jul 2011 | No Comment

A lot of people don’t know that the reason we have netbooks is because of a great initiative started by MIT more than a decade ago that aims to produce laptops that are small enough and cheap enough that every … Continue reading

4 Jun 2011 | No Comment

Laptops are getting more and more advanced every day and the benchmarks for quality are being set at higher and higher levels. Back when a laptop was a new invention, it was used very carefully to just perform basic tasks … Continue reading

19 May 2011 | One Comment

I’ve been thinking a lot about smartphones lately. Partly it was because while I was in South Korea there wasn’t a single person who didn’t have an iPhone. In Malaysia on the other hand, they seemed to favor Blackberries, while … Continue reading