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16 Aug 2012 | No Comment

Products of smaller dimensions are being preferred among the people all over the world, especially when we are talking about modern day gadgets. DBEST London PS4001BT Solo is probably the smallest quality rechargeable speaker that you will find in the … Continue reading

13 Apr 2012 | No Comment

Speakers are one of those vital accessories which always hold a special place in people’s hearts and ‘ears’ too. That’s probably the reason why many companies have decided to design them in the most innovative way possible, in sync with … Continue reading

25 Feb 2012 | No Comment

The world of technology is moving towards the wireless age and everyone out there likes their technology sans wires. SuperTooth is a manufacturer known for the hands-free car kits have introduced two new devices at the CES 2012. The new … Continue reading

27 Jan 2012 | No Comment

It is indeed a herculean task to find decent portable speakers at an affordable price which delivers superior sound quality. However, Logitech seems to have the right combination in its Mini Boom Box. The Mini Boom Box is a small … Continue reading

17 Jun 2011 | No Comment

Good laptop accessories are stuff that can completely change the mobile computing experience. That’s why were are always on the lookout for new and interesting add-ons for your laptop. So today we bring you two new accessories that will definitely … Continue reading

27 Sep 2010 | No Comment

Let’s face it, there’s nothing more convenient to keep you entertained in a crowd than an audio dock. Sure you might be sick and tired of hearing about them, but there’s a reason that people do so often ramble on … Continue reading

12 Mar 2008 | No Comment

The idea of hell for some people is a boiling cauldron where sinners are destined to be cooked alive, over and over again, with occasional interruptions for tortures involving horrible demons with hot spiky tails and bad breath. A neighbour … Continue reading

12 Dec 2007 | No Comment

Form follows function everywhere in life. A ball is round so that it can roll, a brick can only be rectangular, a sunray will always look like a line. The only exception to this rule seemed to be the domain … Continue reading