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19 Feb 2013 | One Comment

Asus launched their touch notebook series with the lightweight Zenbook Prime UX31A Touch Ultrabook. Though at USD 1400 the notebook is expensive, it has an excellent responsive touch screen and glossy display which are well worth the price.

23 Jan 2013 | No Comment

Chrome based netbooks failed to get much traction in the market. Still some of the manufacturers are hoping to grab few cloud customers with Google Chrome OS so Acer has recently launched their C7 chromebook series at cost 249$ USD. … Continue reading

20 Sep 2012 | No Comment

The market for netbook is slowly decreasing as the price of computers is at its all-time low. Nevertheless, netbook is still considered to be the cheapest of the pack and its small size does have its appeal to certain people. … Continue reading

13 Aug 2012 | One Comment

Even when there aren’t many netbooks that are available in the market today, it doesn’t mean that the demand isn’t there anymore. Asus has been a leader when it comes to netbooks and even its tablets also resemble a netbooks. … Continue reading

21 Feb 2012 | No Comment

Netbooks have been available for quite some time and most entry-level netbooks also utilize the Intel Atom processor which allows for lower power consumption which would then result to longer battery hours but at the same time sacrifice performance as … Continue reading

5 Dec 2011 | No Comment

There are many different computers out there nowadays. From the recently ignited tablet market to the mature netbook, notebook and desktop PC market. But which one should you buy? The tablet computer looks pretty exciting, but when it comes to … Continue reading

2 Nov 2011 | No Comment

The netbook Asus Eee PC 1015PX caught my attention by the fact that it is a rarity to come across a netbook with matte screen. I know some people are attracted to shiny things, but it is good to know … Continue reading

24 Oct 2011 | One Comment

Not a lot of people know this but Google did indeed release their much-advertised OS and they are fast in becoming very popular with laptop users who want to try out cloud computing. Many were were skeptic about it at … Continue reading

11 Aug 2011 | No Comment

With cut throat competition in the netbook segment, there is always pressure on leading brands to develop differentiated offerings. Acer’s D255 netbook is one of the first 10 inch screen laptops to be embedded with the new 1.5 GHz Intel … Continue reading

29 Jun 2011 | No Comment

It used to be that laptops were considered the ultimate in portable computing, but that didn’t last long. Two more entities, namely the netbook and the tablet, came soon, one after the other, and redefined the word laptop. While netbooks, … Continue reading