DBEST London PS4001BT Solo Bluetooth Rechargeable Speaker- Is It Really ‘DBEST’ ?


Products of smaller dimensions are being preferred among the people all over the world, especially when we are talking about modern day gadgets. DBEST London PS4001BT Solo is probably the smallest quality rechargeable speaker that you will find in the market. For some people, size is as important as performance. Does the DBEST London PS4001BT have enough to please everybody or does it disappoint? Let’s find out in our review.

A Speaker That Could Almost Fit In Your Pocket

DBEST London PS4001BT Solo is not only small but it is stylish in its own way. At the miniscule dimensions of 2.3 x 2.3 x 1.8, DBEST London has done a designed a compact but very effective speaker. At 65 grams, you can pretty much carry it around anywhere without it weighing you down. There is a 3.5 mm headphone jack for you attach the speakers to non-Bluetooth devices. A MicroUSB port is used to charge up the PS4001BT Solo and DBEST includes a USB cable to save you the trouble. The Solo is available in different colors which includes red, black and white.

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Why Beats Are the Best – for Anything


In many cases, products that are endorsed by celebrities tend to be a little bit mediocre. Having a celeb backing something doesn’t always make it good, and more than often, the opposite is true. But in the case of Beats, the custom headphones pioneered by global music icon Doctor Dre, the endorsement comes secondary to the fact that they are good enough to receive the title of the best earphones in the world. And yes, they are that good.

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Yellow Jacket iPhone Case Keeps you Safe


I am sure you have thought about all kinds of ways to protect yourself if you were to ever get attacked. You may even carry some pepper spray in your purse or on your keychain. Now, you can give any attacker 650,000 volts of electricity and knock them to the ground with your Yellow Jacket iPhone case. To top it all off, you won’t even lose the call you are on while defending yourself.

Protect your iPhone

Most people realize how easily an iPhone can be damaged; they get dropped all the time. To keep your phone from being ruined and requiring costly repair or replacement, a phone case is used. Cases can be made of almost any material, some soft and squishy, some hard and everything in between. The important thing is it will keep your phone working and keep your screen from being cracked.

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Asus Eee PC X101CH – Small and Portable Solution


Even when there aren’t many netbooks that are available in the market today, it doesn’t mean that the demand isn’t there anymore. Asus has been a leader when it comes to netbooks and even its tablets also resemble a netbooks. That is why the company had released the Asus Eee PC X101CH which is a 10.1 inch netbook that is meant for those who want a portable solution at a much lower price.

Netbook has always been small and the Asus Eee PC X101CH is definitely small with its 10.1 inch profile. In addition to that, with the laptop only 1kg heavy, it comes as highly portable as well. In fact, you can carry it in a small bag without having the problem of chugging a large device back and forth. What is even better is that with  thickness of only 22mm, you can put it just about anywhere. What the X101CH lacks, however, is a good screen because with a resolution of just 1024×600, it isn’t set to make anyone at awe with it.

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Kensington Adjustable Laptop Stand and Universal Docking Station – Dual Benefits Come At a Price!


Laptops have managed to find their way into every household and are touted to be the good old Desktop’s replacement. But many people are used to working on conventional PCs and laptops can prove to be quite uncomfortable with their cramped keyboard and touchpad. Kensington Adjustable Laptop Stand is a stand which can hold any notebook or laptop and it comes with Kensington’s own SmartFit sizing chart. The universal docking station can help your laptop double up as a PC and minimize the use of wires.

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The iCrayon – Not your Kids’ Crayon


You would think that a gadget called the iCrayon was designed for children; this is not the case. While a child could use it, many adults have a harder time with small touch screens than their kids. A thin stylus is not always usable either. The iCrayon is just the right thickness for using it as you would a pen or pencil.

Great for Drawing Games or Apps

Many people find it hard to draw a picture on a touch screen with a finger. Your fingertip is too thick, making the drawing less defined. It will also leave a greasy fingerprint on your screen, making the next touch not register. Using the iCrayon allows for more detailed drawings you can do without dirtying up your screen. This is especially good for during lunch or when you let your kid play with your device. Your kids will not get as frustrated when they no longer repeatedly have to start over because their fingers make mistakes.

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Solar Tree Phone Charger – How Cool is It?


Even when you charge your phone all night while you sleep, it always seems to run out of power when you are nowhere near an electric outlet. This is when a Solar Tree comes in handy. Now you can go to the beach and use your phone for music all day long. An added benefit is that it will also charge many MP3 or MP4 players and digital cameras.

Charge While Outside

The nine small solar panels will soak up enough sun to create five volts of electricity. Just set up the Solar Tree according to the directions and plug in your device. You can have constant charging while enjoying a day out in the sun. You do not need to worry about some clouds getting in the way because the unit stores power for when there is no sunlight. The stored power can even be used at nighttime for those days you stay out past sunset.

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Is the OrientEX New USB Keyboard the World’s Best?


There are two schools of thought when it comes to USB keyboards. One school is that they are a waste of time, because your laptop already comes with a keyboard, and carrying another one around seems unnecessary. The second, and more educated school, thinks that they are an incredibly useful and powerful addition to your laptop set up. There are number of reasons for this. This article will briefly point out why you need a secondary keyboard, and then go on to show why the OrientEX is the best option when you decide to buy one. And yes, you will be convinced that you need one. Now.

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The Mimi Qube Wifi Laptop Speaker System – Too Good


 In the good old days, your laptop was a status symbol that showed you were either in finance, business, or writing. They were bulky and unsightly, but it didn’t really matter, because you used it as a work aid, and nothing more. The perception around laptops and their function has changed really quickly in the last few years, and they have risen as portable platforms for entertainment. Gamers use them to challenge each other from wherever they are, and they are popular for watching movies or listening to music. While most laptops have fairly decent sound capabilities – look out for  surround sound systems on your next device if you are a sound enthusiast – the only way that you can really get that awesome surround sound effect is by using a USB speaker system. Again, older options were fixed, created with a home office in mind, but nowadays, your laptop speakers can come with you wherever you are.

If you are interested in this kind of technology, then you are looking for something that is portable and convenient, while still delivering volume and clarity. And as an enthusiast, you are probably in the mood for something a little bit different. All of the things you need are contained in the Mimi Qube Wifi Speaker system.

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Lenovo Z570 15.6 inch Laptop – Gunmetal


Lenovo might be based in China but it still takes pride of delivering computers based on IBM models. IBM produced some of the best computers in the market and the same can certainly be said about Lenovo. The Z series by Lenovo is their mainstream laptop which is certainly worth looking at, and the one that we are talking about right now is the Lenovo Z570 which is a 15.6 inch laptop.

As it is a 15.6 inch laptop, you can expect a lot of good things from it. For example you can certainly use it to watch your favourite movies comfortably with its bigger screen. In addition to that, you would have a larger screen estate which people that have difficulty reading small letters would definitely appreciate having.

Inside the Lenovo Z570 is an Intel Core i5 2450M processor which clocks at a speed of 2.5GHz. With this being said and done, you are getting a Sandy Bridge processor which is still fast but not as good as the Ivy Bridge processors that has recently been released by Intel. Nevertheless, the processor is definitely fast enough for most tasks.

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