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3 Dec 2012 | No Comment

When you use your iPad, it’s a bet you sit in a comfortable chair or curled up on the couch while using it. An iPad is a convenient way to chat, email and surf the web while sitting on a … Continue reading

14 Nov 2012 | No Comment

Are you running your own business? Holding presentations every day and always being on the go? Then all-in-one solution for business presentations, X-pointer laser presenter, is perfect for you as it will give you a simple way to combine all … Continue reading

1 Oct 2012 | No Comment

Sometimes just having a super cool laptop doesn’t get it. If you are the geeky, tech type then you probably want more. If so then you will want to check out 5 of the most unique laptop gadgets available on … Continue reading

16 Aug 2012 | No Comment

Products of smaller dimensions are being preferred among the people all over the world, especially when we are talking about modern day gadgets. DBEST London PS4001BT Solo is probably the smallest quality rechargeable speaker that you will find in the … Continue reading

14 Aug 2012 | No Comment

In many cases, products that are endorsed by celebrities tend to be a little bit mediocre. Having a celeb backing something doesn’t always make it good, and more than often, the opposite is true. But in the case of Beats, … Continue reading

13 Aug 2012 | No Comment

I am sure you have thought about all kinds of ways to protect yourself if you were to ever get attacked. You may even carry some pepper spray in your purse or on your keychain. Now, you can give any … Continue reading

31 Jul 2012 | No Comment

You would think that a gadget called the iCrayon was designed for children; this is not the case. While a child could use it, many adults have a harder time with small touch screens than their kids. A thin stylus … Continue reading

30 Jul 2012 | No Comment

Even when you charge your phone all night while you sleep, it always seems to run out of power when you are nowhere near an electric outlet. This is when a Solar Tree comes in handy. Now you can go … Continue reading

16 Jul 2012 | No Comment

There are two schools of thought when it comes to USB keyboards. One school is that they are a waste of time, because your laptop already comes with a keyboard, and carrying another one around seems unnecessary. The second, and … Continue reading

14 Jun 2012 | No Comment

It is amazing the number of people who do not regularly save the data on their computer to an external flash drive. It is even worse with people who use a laptop as their main computer. A laptop computer is … Continue reading