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26 Mar 2010 | No Comment

While the whole world is discussing what tablet computers are needed for, what to do with an iPad and when smartbooks will appear (and what the meaning of this word is), Asian designers have developed a concept of a tablet … Continue reading

12 Feb 2010 | One Comment

Concepts… They are amazing, aren’t they? On the one hand, they inspire us, give us ideas for the future, push forward innovations. On the other hand, concepts disappoint, since we cannot have them right now. The only thing we can … Continue reading

26 Jan 2010 | No Comment

The last Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has become the main source of information about new technologies and products from the world’s largest product designer and manufacturers.  The show was held in Las Vegas, and this place wasn’t chosen by chance. … Continue reading

26 Mar 2008 | No Comment

To be successful, a brand-new technical product has to be unusual (to be exciting), shiny (to attract eyes and hands), expensive (to show off), and functional (to justify the high price to yourself, even if it is so high that … Continue reading

2 Mar 2008 | 5 Comments

Building on the story of Optimus Maximus keyboard, will major computer manufacturers follow the example? The OLED technology that is used in the keyboard is still a very expensive alternative to a standard keyboard, but surely there are people out … Continue reading

3 Dec 2007 | No Comment

Here are some of the most eye-catching laptop concepts of 2006. 1. Sony VAIO Zoom The screen is a piece of transparent glass when the laptop is turned off. The glass comes to life when the power is on, with … Continue reading