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23 Dec 2009 | No Comment

For a laptop, design is not less important than its hardware insides, as any industrial designer will testify. People are ready to pay high premium for so-called “high-tech beauties”. That is why stylish and unusual laptops can be sold much … Continue reading

7 May 2008 | No Comment

The good thing about modern industrial designers is that some of them are brave enough to realize and present the wildest of their ideas. And it’s even more amazing how exactly they do it: with utmost seriousness, not giving a … Continue reading

14 Mar 2008 | One Comment

At first sight, J’tote seems to be a French brand. Apart from the French-sounding name, these laptop bags themselves look so elegant and so touching, that we can’t think of any other country that could possibly produce anything similar. But, … Continue reading

19 Feb 2008 | One Comment

Each season of the year has its colour: winters are white, summers are red, the colour of autumn is yellow and the one of spring is green. Each fashion season has its colour too. But while we all know that … Continue reading

24 Jan 2008 | No Comment

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Hippies may be accused of libertinism, drug-abuse and sexual perversion, but what they try to teach the world is that the nature is our treasure. Wearing synthetic clothes, eating artificially made food, driving cars with high levels … Continue reading

25 Dec 2007 | No Comment

You don’t see a bikini here, do you. You can’t see sun lotion, a beach towel or flip-flops either. Because it is not a see-through plastic beach bag, it is a new Skooba Skreener. Unlike sun seekers who don’t need … Continue reading

3 Dec 2007 | One Comment

Bordering on natural and the artificial, the SkinBag laptop bags are guaranteed to turn heads and probably some stomachs too. They are described by some as “portable placentas”, with straps resembling umbilical cords. However, initial discomfort is replaced with irrational … Continue reading