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24 Sep 2012 | No Comment

When Microsoft came out with the Kinect sensor for Xbox 360, the video gaming world took notice. The ability to use your body, without some type of controller, to interact with a game was new, exciting and a lot of … Continue reading

7 Nov 2010 | No Comment

Gamers are always in search of comfortable yet hardcore devices. Although the Razer Imperator might not be the most hardcore mouse, it beats all others when it comes to being comfortable, solid to feel and, of course good, excellent performance. … Continue reading

18 Oct 2010 | No Comment

Now, this is what we like calling ‘The Complete package’. SteelSeries has already amused many gamers in the past, and now it’s on to something much more fascinating. No more hassle of changing keyboards, and you won’t have to worry … Continue reading

5 Oct 2010 | No Comment

Laptops are boring old things that will never hold as much memory, storage or processing power as desktops. Well, that is what the rest of the industry is all about anyway, not Origin PC. They have built the Eon 17 … Continue reading

2 Oct 2010 | No Comment

LG has introduced A510 laptop, the first notebook in the world with 3D cinematic experience with the ‘near full HD quality’ technology.  The A510 is equipped with TriDef software that will convert the 2D videos into 3D ones. As there … Continue reading

29 Sep 2010 | No Comment

Using the touchpad is not as fun or convenient as having a separate USB mouse. Sometimes you might have a lot of documents open or need to multi task different processes. This is where an optical USB mouse can come … Continue reading

15 Aug 2010 | One Comment

No one can judge the performance of a laptop better than a gamer can. Those unbelievably close to reality graphics, a gameplay that requires super human reflexes, and controls that can take full control of player’s imagination – with all … Continue reading

22 Dec 2007 | No Comment

If there was a New American Dream, a dream of e-generation, what would that be like? What do we, people that are free of sex and family constraints of 20th century, are able to travel around the world, and are … Continue reading