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1 Oct 2012 | No Comment

Are you looking for a laptop that does it all? The Toshiba Portégé Ultrabook is a great option for a super fast, super awesome laptop with tons of specifications, great features and special offers that come with it. Most everyone … Continue reading

25 Jun 2012 | No Comment

Dell holds a big market share on its Enterprise business but that doesn’t mean that their budget laptops are no good. Besides, they offer on-site support for about a year’s worth of warranty which is certainly pleasing. So if you … Continue reading

12 Dec 2011 | No Comment

Dell, which has been always the pioneer in laptop manufacturing, has brought to limelight its range of 3D laptops. Although, the price tags are really high, this laptop poses a significant and consistent performance sure to dazzle all the eyes … Continue reading

23 Nov 2011 | No Comment

Of late, many high-profile companies are spinning around this “post-PC” term influenced by the introduction and popularity of tablet computers or other similar form factors that was popularised by Apple’s iPad tablet computer. Of course, most of us still primarily … Continue reading

30 Mar 2011 | No Comment

In fact, a hostel I stayed at in Scotland had five laptops stolen during the time I was there. They were all stolen from the left luggage room. Someone went in, rifled the bags, took the laptops, and left. The girl at the desk was busy doing the laundry and never saw anyone go in or out. Continue reading

15 Oct 2010 | No Comment

The following laptop confession may surprise you, but it’s essential that I get it out to my geek brothers so that they won’t suffer the same embarrassing fate as I have. Writing this is perhaps dangerous to my professional career, … Continue reading

17 Jul 2010 | One Comment

Were you aware that many of Dell laptops currently on the market contain some serious defects? Dell sold millions of notebooks between 2003 and 2005 that had faulty components according to documents unsealed in a case being heard in the … Continue reading

12 Jul 2010 | No Comment

The Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday, citing Acer chairman Wang Jeng-Tang, about this very ambitious goal which, as they think, the company will be able to achieve by the end of 2010. Moreover, he said, it will be done … Continue reading

17 May 2010 | No Comment

What do the letters NX in the corresponding series of laptops from ASUS mean? They mean ‘New generation, eXtraordinary’. It’s the high-grade line of home entertaining centers. The laptops are equipped with the new Intel Core processors – i3, i5 … Continue reading

20 Apr 2010 | No Comment

Whether you like it or not, the notion of a  ‘netbook’ has already entrenched itself firmly in the portable devices market. According to the analytical company DisplaySearch, last year the growth of netbooks supplies was 103%, which is equal to … Continue reading