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6 May 2013 | No Comment

Lenovo has released a tablet/laptop hybrid that runs on Windows 8. Many die hard tech geeks and gadget addicts can’t decide between a tablet and a laptop, so the Lenovo Idea Pad Yoga 13 is the perfect choice for them.

3 Apr 2013 | No Comment

According to Moore’s Law, electronics seem to have a lifespan of 2 years. This is not due to malfunction, but because something better appears before your return policy is even outdated. This includes your laptop as well. 2013 has shown … Continue reading

2 Jul 2012 | No Comment

Lenovo might be based in China but it still takes pride of delivering computers based on IBM models. IBM produced some of the best computers in the market and the same can certainly be said about Lenovo. The Z series … Continue reading

29 Feb 2012 | No Comment

Companies usually buy or lease computers en masse but finding the best computer to get the job done can be hard. Lenovo (previously known as IBM) on the other hand has made a lot of computers for small & medium … Continue reading

20 Oct 2011 | No Comment

Laptops can be god sent in various situations like presentations but what if you don’t have access to a projector? Engineers and designers at Lenovo have asked themselves this question, along with some others and came up with a very … Continue reading

27 Sep 2011 | No Comment

Well, I have to say that it took some time (or – too little too late, as MacBook Air people will tell you) for Lenovo to jump on the bandwagon but they finally did. They just announced their first ever … Continue reading

22 Mar 2011 | No Comment

Lenovo’s new ThinkPad T420 underwent an environment test at the Underwriter Laboratories’ group. They have gold certified the product after the test saying that the product is environmentally sustainable and helps thwart “green washing”. They also said that this is … Continue reading

20 Jan 2011 | No Comment

Lenovo makes another breakthrough with the distinctive modifications made to the preceding G530 notebook. With an extremely comfortable keyboard and large screen, Lenovo has done it this time. General View Of This New Masterpiece If you crave for a heavily … Continue reading

4 Sep 2010 | No Comment

The notebook industry is becoming harder and harder to compete in. With the advent of new technology introduced in laptops by top manufacturers such as Dell, HP, and Sony, it can be difficult for any new notebook to stand out … Continue reading

29 Jun 2010 | One Comment

Your laptop is not only a perfect working tool, it should also reflect your personality and style. This is what manufacturers keep telling us, don’t they? However, what kind of individuality are we talking about, when thousands of other people … Continue reading