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22 May 2012 | No Comment

There is a number of things that one has to take into consideration when choosing a mouse. If you don’t believe this, try and work without one, or even more frustratingly, one that doesn’t work correctly all of the time. … Continue reading

7 Nov 2010 | No Comment

Gamers are always in search of comfortable yet hardcore devices. Although the Razer Imperator might not be the most hardcore mouse, it beats all others when it comes to being comfortable, solid to feel and, of course good, excellent performance. … Continue reading

28 Oct 2010 | No Comment

Logitech is an emerging brand. We have brands like Razer on one hand, which has jumped to the top list in no time. Whereas, on the other hand, we have brands like Logitech that are still striving to reach the … Continue reading

29 Sep 2010 | No Comment

Using the touchpad is not as fun or convenient as having a separate USB mouse. Sometimes you might have a lot of documents open or need to multi task different processes. This is where an optical USB mouse can come … Continue reading

30 Nov 2009 | No Comment

Tiny mouse Those who like mobility and don’t want to carry extra load will certainly appreciate surprising compactness and ease of the Super Slim USB optical mouse. It measures just 45 x 64 x 14 mm, and its weight is … Continue reading

9 Apr 2008 | No Comment

“Small” is today’s technology’s favourite word. “Small” is almost a synonym to “captivating”; you manage to turn an already small thing into a tiny one and you are the man of the hour, the hero, the genius. Looks like the … Continue reading

5 Mar 2008 | No Comment

If you were asked to name the person who had invented electricity, you’d probably say it was Benjamin Franklin who flew his kite during a thunderstorm. Yet, experts say that there was a whole range of scientists who contributed to … Continue reading

13 Feb 2008 | One Comment

A toilet seat has 400 less germs than a usual keyboard of a public computer, researchers of the University of Arizona have claimed. Which means there are probably more real viruses on your computer than virtual ones. I personally feel … Continue reading

6 Feb 2008 | No Comment

Some laptop users neglect computer mice, and there’s a good reason for it: at the end of the working day the wrist always aches – if it doesn’t, it must be an artificial one. It’s well-known that we owe these … Continue reading