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5 Dec 2011 | No Comment

There are many different computers out there nowadays. From the recently ignited tablet market to the mature netbook, notebook and desktop PC market. But which one should you buy? The tablet computer looks pretty exciting, but when it comes to … Continue reading

2 Nov 2011 | No Comment

The netbook Asus Eee PC 1015PX caught my attention by the fact that it is a rarity to come across a netbook with matte screen. I know some people are attracted to shiny things, but it is good to know … Continue reading

6 Apr 2011 | No Comment

HP always finds a way to thrill netbook lovers. Through one way or the other, HP spreads a buzz in the air, which woos gadget aficionados towards it. This time HP has made an attempt to maintain the same history … Continue reading

4 Nov 2010 | No Comment

These days lots of people are saying that the iPad is killing the netbook. A few years ago, the same people were crowing that the netbook had killed the laptop. The truth is that none of the three are going … Continue reading

18 Oct 2010 | No Comment

In the wake of recent industry leaks and announcements, there are several rumours going around in the industry about new laptops that are yet to be officially announced. First up is Dell. A recent leak from the Dell quarters show … Continue reading

30 Aug 2010 | One Comment

Okay! So good news first… Toshiba’s latest offering is actually giving Apple iPad a run for its money. The new Libretto W100 is all sparkles and shine and very very amusing to say the least. What so great about it? … Continue reading

20 Aug 2010 | No Comment

Remember the cliché “Love at first sight”? Well, if you haven’t been in love yet, prepare to fall head over heels with the new, ultra-fine Dell Inspiron M101z. Not convinced? Check out these aspects to change your mind: The Overall … Continue reading

7 Aug 2010 | No Comment

Call it the Captain Planet or Green Lantern, Sony Vaio VPCW11S1E/w netbook is here to save the earth either way. Launched in 2009, Sony Vaio W series was bound to make an impact, but was received with mixed reviews possibly … Continue reading

26 Jan 2010 | No Comment

The last Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has become the main source of information about new technologies and products from the world’s largest product designer and manufacturers.  The show was held in Las Vegas, and this place wasn’t chosen by chance. … Continue reading

29 Jul 2008 | No Comment

Researchers claim that Asus Eee PC has been the greatest hit in the mobile devices sector this year. Yet the 8.9-inch laptop is one step away from true mobility – there is no go-anywhere Internet access. In other words, you … Continue reading