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1 Oct 2012 | No Comment

Sometimes just having a super cool laptop doesn’t get it. If you are the geeky, tech type then you probably want more. If so then you will want to check out 5 of the most unique laptop gadgets available on … Continue reading

16 Jul 2012 | No Comment

There are two schools of thought when it comes to USB keyboards. One school is that they are a waste of time, because your laptop already comes with a keyboard, and carrying another one around seems unnecessary. The second, and … Continue reading

27 Dec 2011 | No Comment

USB ports are super useful for work – you can keep external hard drives plugged in to your laptop, transport work on flash disks, and even connect a mouse if you don’t like the feel of your laptop own touchpad. … Continue reading

13 Sep 2010 | No Comment

USB drives are the most important gadgets for people these days. However, not everyone may appreciate a stick-like USB that is more practical than aesthetic. In fact, admit it, you’d rather choose Kingston’s mini USB drives or other coloured ones … Continue reading

10 May 2010 | No Comment

Nanotechnologies are entering our life at incredible speeds. The device Ben NanoNote seems to present by itself the limit of miniaturization in the class of laptops. Having the price of $99, the weight of 130 gr and the size of … Continue reading

8 Apr 2010 | 2 Comments

The new line form HP includes 6 new models presented — a transformer EliteBook 2740p with touch screen and multi touch support, a light 12-inch EliteBook 2540p with the weight of 3.3 pounds and four models of the ProBook line … Continue reading

5 Mar 2010 | No Comment

Almost all of us sooner or later are faced with the need of purchasing the first computer for grandparents (parents) or children. In this case you think about price and simplicity much more than about technical characteristics. So, meet Alex … Continue reading

30 Nov 2009 | No Comment

Tiny mouse Those who like mobility and don’t want to carry extra load will certainly appreciate surprising compactness and ease of the Super Slim USB optical mouse. It measures just 45 x 64 x 14 mm, and its weight is … Continue reading

14 Nov 2009 | No Comment

Sometimes technologies of the past help us to go in the future. Let’s take the first pedal powered machine for XO laptops as an example. Akmal Waak and Mike Dawson, technicians working for OLPC (the One Laptop Per Child Association, … Continue reading

18 Mar 2008 | No Comment

It seems that today high-tech products manufacturers compete in foreseeing possible breakages in their products: Sony were the 1st to use a built-in gyroscope in their laptops, Apple have introduced MagSafe. And it’s not surprising, since mobile devices are used, … Continue reading