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7 Jun 2013 | No Comment

Windows 8 is the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system. The hype surrounding it has been building for a while now and experts have varying opinions on whether or not Windows 8 is all Microsoft claimed it would be.

23 Nov 2011 | No Comment

Of late, many high-profile companies are spinning around this “post-PC” term influenced by the introduction and popularity of tablet computers or other similar form factors that was popularised by Apple’s iPad tablet computer. Of course, most of us still primarily … Continue reading

16 Oct 2011 | No Comment

Intel Windows 8 Ultrabooks seem to be poised to take over the market and come in direct competition with the MacBook Air and the iPad tablet from Apple. Intel owns the Ultrabook brand and the chipmaker will impose strict restrictions … Continue reading

23 Sep 2011 | No Comment

As you all know by now, the first publicly available preview of Windows 8 is out. It is the developer preview and has a lot of new features. It completely reimagines how Windows will work and function and it is … Continue reading