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Toshiba Satellite Pro C650D Laptop Adapter Charger

Toshiba Satellite Pro C650D Laptop power supply
Original Laptop Laptop adapters for Toshiba Satellite Pro C650D Original Laptop Laptop adapters for Toshiba Satellite Pro C650D
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Original laptop AC adapter for Toshiba Satellite Pro C650D will enable you to work on your Toshiba notebook and charge its battery simultaneously. UK power cord included in the package. Original Toshiba C650D charger comes with one year warranty.


Name: Laptop AC Adapter Charger DC 19V 3.42A
Product Code: pa-ac3o
Colour: Black
Input Voltage Range: AC 100-240V
Output Current: 3.42A
Output Voltage: DC 19V
Power: 65W
Tip size: tip 5.5x2.5
Compatible part numbers: 0309A18120, 0335A1965, 0335C2065, 0950-3979, 101094, 101953, 102665, 103310, 103316, 103325, 103326, 103905, 103907, 12-00118-30, 1533208, 1533516, 177624-B21, 180675-001, 200-UNPS2, 206-57001, 208179-001, 208190-001, 213563-001, 217931-001, 233399-001, 25, 25.10046.131, 25.10046.151, 25.10052.001, 2521756, 2521974, 261873-001, 293700-003, 293720-003, 293787-001, 293825-001, 293831-001, 298237-001, 298238-001, 298239-001, 30-49013-01, 310-0457, 45LT19A, 5542D, 55523, 70NS19AR, 7102811A02N, 74632, 76-010045-00, 7832D, 875692-010A, 90-N55PW1000, 90-N6APW2000, 91-58616, 9803981-0001, A1-L1-L84D-M1-M2A, A1-PW-AC001, A882051, ACA-2720, ACD83-110114-7000, ACD83-110114-7100, ACE83-110101-4300, ACE83-110114-7100, ADP-45TB, ADP-60BB, ADP-60DB, ADP-9510-19A, ALP-AJAX C3, AP.T3503.002, API-7595, API-7629, CNF 401, CP045013-01, D4040A, EA1060B, EA1060B-53, EXA0703YH, F1454A#ABA, F1454A-ABA, F1650, F1670C, F1700B, F1718A, F1781A#ABA, F19603J, F1960I, F1960J, F4600-60901, F4600A#ABA, F600-60901, FR-PCPDJ-BW, K0080, LC-T2801-006, LC.ADT01.001, LC.T2801.006, LE-9401B20, LSE9802B1960, LSE9901A2070, NA000, NAA000, NAA004, NAA005, NBP001127-00, NBP001127-01, NBP001141-00, NBP001144-00, NBP001152-00, NBP001190-00, NBP001198-00, NBP001198-01, NBP001215-00, NBP001249-00, OP-520-63001, OP-520-67501, OP-520-69002, OP-520-70001, OP-520-7001, OP-520-72501, OP-520-73601, OP-520-73701, OP-520-75101, OP-520-75301, OP-520-75601, OP-52073701, OP-522-72501, OP-724-72501, PA-1000, PA-121-02, PA-1600-05, pa-1650-01hc, PA-1650-21 PA, PA-1650-22, PA-1700-02, PA1121, PA1400-19, PA3032E-1ACA, PA3032U-1ACA, PA3097E-1ACA, PA3097U-1ACA, PA3209E-2ACA, PA3209U-2ACA, PA3396E-1ACA, PA3396U, PA3396U-1ACA, PA3467E, PA3467E-1AC3, PA3467E-1ACA, PA3467U, PA3467U-1ACA, PA3714E-1AC3, PA3714U-1ACA, PC-AP5300, PC-VP-BP08, PC-VP-BP21, PC-VP-WP17, PC-VP-WP36, S87-60005, S87-60015, SADP-65KB A, SADP-65KB B, SADP-65KB C, SKUSS6-ACAD, SPN-245, SPN-460-19A, TI1506, UP06011200

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 Unfortunately this item is not in stock at the moment
 Unfortunately this item is not in stock at the moment

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