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Asus Asus X555LA Laptop Adapter Charger

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Quick Overview

Lightweight, compact and easy to carry wherever you go, the laptop adapter for will enable you to work on your laptop and charge its battery simultaneously. UK power cord included in the package. charger comes with one year warranty.

You could also use it as a secondary notebook adapter allowing you to run and charge your laptop at work or elsewhere without having the main AC adapter with you all the time.


SKU: pa-ac3

Input Voltage Range: AC 100-240 V

Output Current: 3.42A

Output Voltage: DC 19 V

Power: 65 W

Manufacturer: Lavolta

Compatible part numbers

0309A18120 0335A1965 0950-3979 101094 101953 102665 103310 103316 103325 103326 103905 103907 12-00118-30 1533208 1533516 177624-B21 180675-001 200-UNPS2 206-57001 208179-001 208190-001 213563-001 217931-001 233399-001 25.10046.131 25.10046.151 25.10052.001 2521756 2521974 261873-001 293700-003 293720-003 293787-001 293825-001 293831-001 298237-001 298238-001 298239-001 30-49013-01 310-0457 45LT19A 5542D 55523 70NS19AR 7102811A02N 74632 76-010045-00 7832D 875692-010A 90-N55PW1000 90-N6APW2000 91-58616 9803981-0001 A1-L1-L84D-M1-M2A A1-PW-AC001 A882051 ac3 ACA-2720 ACD83-110114-7000 ACD83-110114-7100 ACE83-110101-4300 ACE83-110114-7100 ADP-45TB ADP-60BB ADP-60DB ADP-9510-19A ALP-AJAX C3 AP.T3503.002 API-7595 API-7629 CNF 401 CP045013-01 D4040A EA1060B EA1060B-53 EXA0703YH F1454A#ABA F1454A-ABA F1650 F1670C F1700B F1718A F1781A#ABA F19603J F1960I F1960J F4600-60901 F4600A#ABA F600-60901 FR-PCPDJ-BW K0080 LC.ADT01.001 LC.T2801.006 LC-T2801-006 LE-9401B20 LSE9802B1960 LSE9901A2070 NBP001127-00 NBP001127-01 NBP001141-00 NBP001144-00 NBP001152-00 NBP001190-00 NBP001198-00 NBP001198-01 NBP001215-00 NBP001249-00 OP-520-63001 OP-520-67501 OP-520-69002 OP-520-70001 OP-520-7001 OP-520-72501 OP-520-73601 OP-52073701 OP-520-73701 OP-520-75101 OP-520-75301 OP-520-75601 OP-522-72501 OP-724-72501 PA-1000 PA1121 PA-121-02 PA1400-19 PA-1600-05 PA-1650-01HC PA-1650-21 PA PA-1650-22 PA-1700-02 PA3032E-1ACA PA3032U-1ACA PA3097E-1ACA PA3097U-1ACA PA3209E-2ACA PA3209U-2ACA PA3396E-1ACA PA3396U PA3396U-1ACA PA3467E PA3467E-1AC3 PA3467E-1ACA PA3467U PA3467U-1ACA PA3714E-1AC3 PA3714U-1ACA PC-AP5300 PC-VP-BP08 PC-VP-BP21 PC-VP-WP17 PC-VP-WP36 S87-60005 S87-60015 SADP-65KB A SADP-65KB B SADP-65KB C SKUSS6-ACAD SPN-245 SPN-460-19A TI1506 UP06011200
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