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Lenovo Essential G550 Laptop Adapter Charger

£ 24.90 (inc VAT)
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Quick Overview

Lightweight, compact and easy to carry wherever you go, the laptop adapter for will enable you to work on your laptop and charge its battery simultaneously. UK power cord included in the package. charger comes with one year warranty.

You could also use it as a secondary notebook adapter allowing you to run and charge your laptop at work or elsewhere without having the main AC adapter with you all the time.


SKU: pa-c7

Input Voltage Range: AC 100-240 V

Output Current: 4.74A

Output Voltage: DC 19 V

Power: 90 W

Manufacturer: Lavolta

Compatible part numbers

103923 103924 103942 104155 104256 104376 104378 105927 105928 106212 106213 1533561 20217-1038 25.10068.181 2521997 308745-001 308745-002 309241-001 310-5422 310-6405 310-6499 324815-001 40001966 40Y7708 6500097 6500175 6500519 6857750100 71530130002 76-010570-20 76-010900-5C 76-011160-5A 76-011651-5A 76-013005-00 90-N6EPW2012 9T458 ACE83-110093-2100 ACE83-110106-2400 AD3201 ADP-60NH B ADP-65JH BB ADP-75SB ADP-75SB AB ADP-75SB BB ADP-90FB ADP-90SB B ADP-90SB BB ADT-19V90W3P AP.00903.001 AP.A0201.001 AP.A0201.003 AP.A0305.001 AP.A0305.002 AP.A1003.001 AP.A1003.002 AP.A1003.003 AP.A1007.001 AP.T1903.001 API1AD32 API1AD43 c7 CA01007-0890 CA01007-0920 CA01007-0930 CA01007-0960 CF719 CP145081-01 CP277622-02 CP293660-02 CP-293662-01 CP311808-01 CQPS1200 DC895B F1377A F5104A F9710 FMV-AC312 FMV-AC314 FMV-AC315S FMV-AC316 FMV-AC318 FMV-AC319 FMV-AC320 FMV-AC322 FPCAC23Z FPCAC25 FPCAC26 FPCAC26AP FPCAC26W FPCAC26Z FPCAC33 FPCAC33AP FPCAC33W FPCAC33Y K9060 LSE0202C1990 LSE0202D1990 LSE0202D2090 LSE9802B2060 N5825 NBP001297-00 NBP001298-00 NBP001312-00 NBP001313-00 NBP001336-00 NBP001375-00 NBP001382-00 PA16 PA-16 PA-1600-06D1 PA-1650-02 PA-1750-01 PA-1750-04 PA-1750-09 PA-1900-03GQ PA-1900-05 PA-1900-05AW PA-1900-05C1 PA-1900-05C2 PA-1900-05QA PA-1900-06 PA-1900-15 PA-1900-15G PA3165E PA3165E-1ACA PA3165U PA3165U-1ACA PA3380E-1ACA PA3380U-1ACA PA3432E-1AC3 PA3432E-1ACA PA3432U-1AC3 PA3432U-1ACA PA3468E PA3468E-1ACA PA3468U PA3468U-1ACA PA3469U PPP014H QCD1ACYZZZTA43 QND1ACYZZZ0031 QND1ACYZZZ0049 QND1ACYZZZ00493 SED80N2-19.0 TD230
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