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Laptop chargers

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Laptop chargers

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Laptop AC adapters – connected wherever you are

Keep your laptop close and your charger closer

If you lose your charger or forget it at home, you've only got a few hours of usebefore your laptop turns into an expensive paperweight. Lavolta laptop power supplies are affordable, safe and effective,making an ideal back up. Keep a charger at work, one at home and one in your laptop bag and you'll be fully charged wherever you are. 

Can I use my friend's laptop power supply?

If the plug fits, it's tempting to use a friend's charger when your laptop is low on power. You must check that the power specifications match (volts and amps, that is) - or your computer could get a nasty shock. Overloading your laptop's battery and circuits can destroy the battery and even cause data loss or, in extreme cases, start a fire. 

Latop AC adapters for travel

If you travel regularly, carting around converters can be a pain. With the right laptop power supply, you can travel with just a spare power lead, and plug in anywhere. You need to choose a charger with a transformer that's rated to work between 110-240v. This means that whether you're in the USA (110v) or Europe (220v) your laptop won't get fried when you plug it in. All Lavolta laptop adapters can be used worldwide. 

How to choose a new laptop charger

An AC adapter converts mains current into something your laptop can handle. It needs to be rated for your local area (220-240v in Europe). It also needs to match your laptop's specifications, including plug size and volt/amps requirements. The simplest way is to match the figures on the one supplied by the manufacturer. Alternatively, have a look at the back of the laptop. All Lavolta laptop chargers meet EU directives and relevant safety standards.