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Laptop batteries

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Laptop batteries

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How to care for your laptop battery

Most laptops use lithium-ion batteries. High temperatures reduce their capacity, so keep them away
from direct sunlight and ensure cooling systems are working. For best performance, don't let the
battery run completely dry and unplug it when charge hits 100%.

Save power as you surf

Your computer settings can shorten your laptop battery life, too. To increase your running time, turn
the screen brightness down, turn Wi-Fi and Bluetooth off when you're not using them, and close any
programs you're not using. Don't connect your phone or other devices as most charge automatically,
draining the laptop battery. Many laptops have a 'power saver' option which switches on countless
optimizations at the click of a mouse.

Signs you need a new battery

If your battery takes less time to charge and less time to empty, it's time to think about buying a spare
as its cells are dying. Windows 7 users may see on-screen alerts. First, you'll see 'running low on
power' messages more often, and once its full charge capacity drops below 40% you'll see a warning
saying 'consider replacing your battery'. Neat, eh?

Choosing a laptop battery

Improvements in laptop battery technology are slow, so you don’t have to buy the battery of
manufacturer's choice. All Lavolta batteries have been thoroughly tested and comply with relevant
EU regulations. Ensure that the battery size, shape and power matches your original and you're good
to go.