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Laptop stands and coolers

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 Laptop stands and coolers – too cool for school 

When hot's not so hot

Overheating reduces laptop performance, impacts battery life and can cause crashes and sudden shut downs. Laptop components are designed to work within certain temperature ranges, and when internal temperatures hit safety limits, most laptops switch off. Using a laptop stand, cooling pad ortable can keep temperatures down, ensuring your notebook stays in the best of health. 

What is a laptop cooling pad?

A laptop cooling pad is a specially designed stand you place your computer on. It typically features aUSB powered fan that actively cools your laptop. Laptop stands and docks often feature passive cooling as well. They raise the computer up, allowing air to circulate more easily so the laptop's ownfans can do their job effectively. 

Making space for your laptop

Laptops are great for on the go, and that can lead to bad habits at home and at work. Using your computer on a duvet, cushion or your lap can block fans and cause overheating. Make space for your notebook by investing in a comfortable chair and a laptop table, stand or tray. Your computer will stay cool, improving performance and battery life.

Creating a healthy work space

Typing while you lounge in bed or on the sofa isn't just bad for you laptop, it can be bad for you too. Repetitive strain injuries, back ache, neck strain and shoulder tension can all be avoided with a bit of care. Choosing a laptop table, finding a good chair and creating an ergonomic environment are a great investment in your health and comfort.